Student Career Services & Alumni Relations

The SZABIST Student Career Services & Alumni Relations is steadily contributing towards building and developing business, and information technology graduates geared towards becoming the corporate leaders of tomorrow. The Center facilitates SZABIST students and alumni in all their academic and professional ventures to help them climb the ladder of corporate success.

Services to Students

Student Career Services & Alumni Relations ensures that students have timely access to information on the latest jobs and internship opportunities by acting as a liaison between them and the corporate world. It coaches students to shine in employee assessments by advising them on resume writing and interview skills. It is responsible for arranging workshops, seminars, career fairs, and publishing the annual Graduate Directory to enhance students’ networking.

  • High quality and comprehensive employment-related services to students and to foster professional relationships with faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Skills enhancement training programs according to the diversified students needs i.e. communication skills, presentation skills, self-assessment etc.
  • Career Counseling and Career Planning for students to develop their career goals strategically and achieving success by utilizing the available opportunities.
  • Inculcation of professional skill in students i.e. job search, job interview and resume writing skills, leading to their employment and meaningful career.
  • In campus events for students i.e. educational seminars, trainings, workshops, informative lectures, educational visits, fair wells, fun fairs, sports galas and job fairs.
  • Relationship building with premier employers for alumni job placement.

Alumi Relations

Managing relations with SZABIST alumni is a priority of Student Career Services & Alumni Relations. It provides a platform to facilitate and streamline interaction among SZABISTs graduates by building mutually beneficial networks for mentoring, exploring placement opportunities, and organizing guest speaker sessions, seminars, and sponsorships. It maintains a thorough and comprehensive online database of the alumni to keep their information updated. The alumni are kept involved the whole year round through different events and social activities. Alumni are regularly invited for mentoring sessions on the Alumni Ambassador Show broadcasted on ZABFM 106.6, and as guest speakers and trainers to mentor and guide the final year students. Besides academic engagements, an alumni reunion is organized by the Student Career Services & Alumni Relations every year. Its latest initiative is the launch of SZABIST Alumni Global Association (SAGA).

Alumni can get in touch by sending an email to and register for SAGA through filling-up the give form :

Click here to visit website.

Ms. Murk Manzoor – EDC Officer