BS Social Sciences

Details & Semester Outlines for BS (Social Sciences)

For the BS program in computing, students are required to complete 40 courses. To obtain the BS degree, the student should have completed a minimum of 130 credit hours, an internship, and passed the comprehensive examination.

First Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SS1117 Computer and Web Skills
SS1116 English for General Purposes
SS1109 Islamiat/Ethics and Pakistan Studies
SS1105 Microeconomics
SS1115 Community Services
SS1201 Introduction to Social Sciences 
SS2306 Psychology
SS1205 Macroeconomics
SS2307 Sociology
SS1155 Introduction to Political Science
SS2412 International Relations
SS4705 Sindh Studies

Second Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SS2314 Study of Anthropology
SS2316 English for Academic Purposes 
SS2313 Introduction to Social Psychology
SS2318 Mathematics and Statistics
SS2413 Philosophy
SS1xxx Elective I
SS2406 Gender Studies
SS2418 Statistical Inferences
SS2414 Introduction to Organizational Psychology
SS3503 Development Studies
SS1209 Social Policy 
SS1xxx Elective-II 

Third Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SS2312 Culture, Art and Society
SS3509 Language-I
SS3606 Political Economy
SS4xxx Major-I
SS4xxx Major-II
SS4xxx Major-III
SS3504 Research Methord
SS3605 International Law and Human Rights
SS3609 Language-II
SS4xxx Major-IV
SS4xxx Major-V
SS4xxx Major-VI

Fourth Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
SS2411 Environmental Studies
SS4707 Introduction to Health Psychology
SS4709 Research Project-I
SS4xxx Major-VII
SS4xxx Major-VIII
SS4xxx Major-IX
SS4804 Public Policy
SS4809 Research Project-II
SS2405 Enlightenment
SS4xxx Major-X
SS4xxx Major-XI
SS4xxx Major-XII


SS4111 Abnormal Psychology
SS4112 Development Psychology
SS 4134 Cognitive Psychology
SS 4135 Educational Psychology
SS 4234 Psychodynamics
SS 4268 History of Psychology
SS 4167 Child Psychology
SS 4156 Clinical Psychology
SS 4114 Personality Theories
SS 4255 Counseling and Psychotherapy
SS 4211 Psychological Testing
SS 4236 Positive Psychology
SS 4168 Experimental Psychology
SS 4267 Forensic Psychology
SS 4262 Physiological Psychology
SS 4113 Environmental Psychology
SS 4297 Community Psychology