Fee Structure


Application Processing FeeRs. 2,000 (Pakistan Nationals)
Admission FeeRs. 25,000 (Pakistan Nationals), Admission Fee is payable once at the beginning of the study and is non-refundable.
Security Deposit (Refundable)Rs. 15,000 (Pakistan Nationals)
Students Activity ChargesRs. 1,500 per Semester
Course Registration FeeRs. 500 per Course
Examination FeeRs. 500 per Course


Gross FeeRs. 142,200
SubsidyRs. 55,800
Net FeeRs. 86,400

BBA (2.5 Years)

Gross FeeRs. 142,200
SubsidyRs. 55,800
Net FeeRs. 86,400

BS Accounting & Finance

Gross FeeRs. 145,800
SubsidyRs. 59,400
Net FeeRs. 86,400

BS Social Sciences

Gross FeeRs. 120,600
SubsidyRs. 38,880
Net FeeRs. 81,720

BS Computer Science

Gross FeeRs. 145,800
SubsidyRs. 63,452
Net FeeRs. 82,348
Lab Charges per SemesterRs. 3,000

MBA (72 Credits)

Gross FeeRs. 160,200
SubsidyRs. 44,100
Net FeeRs. 116,110

MBA (36 Credits)

Gross FeeRs. 106,800
SubsidyRs. 29,400
Net FeeRs. 77,400

MS (Management Sciences)

Gross FeeRs. 93,600
SubsidyRs. 16,080
Net FeeRs. 77,520

MS (Educational Leadership & Management)

Gross FeeRs. 103,200
SubsidyRs. 39,199
Net FeeRs. 64,001

Master in Project Management

Gross FeeRs. 120,000
SubsidyRs. 36,750
Net FeeRs. 83,250

Hostel Fee

Form FeeRs. 1,000
Security DepositRs. 5,000
Annual FeeRs. 96,000

Additionally, scholarships amounting up to 100% of tuition fee are available to needy and meritorious continuing students.

Tuition Fee is charged on the actual number of credit hours taken and must be paid at the beginning of each semester. SZABIST reserves the right to change the tuition fee for new and continuing students and withdraw scholarship without prior notice. All other financial rules, as outlined in the SZABIST prospectus and handbook and as announced from time to time, will be applicable to all students. Fee is subject to withholding tax as per the Government policy.

Please make Pay Order / Draft in favor of 

“SZABIST Larkana Campus” (N.T.N. # 0944326-6)