Transfer Policy

Transfer into SZABIST can only be accepted for candidates who have studied or are currently studying at HEC recognized universities. Transferring credits must have a minimum letter grade of B or above (or 80% marks). The request for transfers must be made at the time of admission; the maximum time limit to transfer courses is two years.

Candidates will be required to clear all SZABIST admission requirements.


A maximum of up to 50% credits may be considered for transfer into BBA / BS programs.

MBA Course Transfer:

A maximum of up to 6 credits may be considered for transfer into the fifth year MBA (36 credit-hours) program. Research project course is not transferable.A maximum of up to 36 credits may be considered for transfer into the MBA (72 credit-hours) program. Research project course is not transferable.Research project / thesis course is not transferable. Only relevant courses of the EMBA (SZABIST) program are transferable into the regular MBA program subject to the eligibility criteria of the MBA program at SZABIST

MSMS Course Transfer:

Up to 50% of total course work completed at an HEC recognized university can be allowed for transfer at SZABIST MS program..

SZABIST Inter-Campus Transfer:

For transfer candidate from other SZABIST campuses, the candidate must fulfill the admission requirements of the local campus he / she wish to transfer into. All courses / grades are transferable. A transfer fee will be applicable for students transferring from any other SZABIST campus.

Certificate Course Transfer:

For transfer candidates from the SZABIST Certificate Programs, transferability of certificate courses is as follows:
Maximum 05 courses are transferable in undergraduate program.
2/3 courses are transferable in masters or MS program.
Maximum 02 courses are transferable in PhD program.
The minimum letter grade of Certificate Courses from SZABIST which are transferable to regular degree programs within a time spam of one year are: for PhD its B and above, for MS its B- and above, for all Master’s programs its C+ and above and for Bachelor’s programs its C and above.