SZABIST Larkana Campus

Wear Mask, Sanitize Hands,

Keep Social Distance

Library: Standard Operating Procedures / Guidelines


Every staff, faculty and students will be wearing masks in the library. Since library has less natural air ventilation options, wearing of masks is essential.

Entrance and Exit

  • As per the SOPs, the body temperatures of people entering the institution/campus would be checked and they would be sanitized too.
  • Currently library has main entrance at ground floor. The recommendation is to put a sanitizer at the entrance with a note to sanitize hands before entering the library premises.
  • Keep entrance door sanitize after each hour (if and when required).

Spaces and Seating

  • No group or pair seating will be allowed at the library. Each table will be marked with the seating capacity / note and the chairs will be made available accordingly.
  • Chairs will be kept / arranged keeping in view the physical distancing rules.
  • Plastic gloves and sanitizer to be made available in the library if students want to use Library material so he may ask use it.
  • Ideally, every hour the seats / tables should be cleaned up/sanitized properly (if and when required).
  • Library students capacity should not exceed by 20 students in each room.
  • 3 Hours seating will be allowing to the students, if someone wants to spend more time, staff would look after the mater and allow them according to the situation.


  • Switchboards / electrical points should be sanitized at least twice a day. The switch boards should be opened while wearing gloves.
  • Library support staff will ensure this happens properly and on a regular basis. Students / staff member should inform after they have completed their work, so sanitization could be done.

Magazines and Newspapers on display

  • The magazines displayed on shelves will be properly sanitized using alcohol wipes by the library staff before placement (the magazine cover and back page).
  • A pair of gloves will be placed near magazine shelves with instructions to wear them before referring/opening the magazine. The gloves will be discarded after the magazine reading is finished.
  • Since Newspapers can’t be sanitized, the handling of newspapers by the patrons as well as library staff should be done while wearing gloves.

Check – in of Books

  • The library staff will check in the books, wipe the cover and back page using alcohol wipes and then move it to the shelf.
  • The library staff will ensure that the entire process is carried out using face mask and gloves.


  • Proper notice will be placed at each important location of the library with details on importance of personal safety, hand washing and protection.
  • The notice / instructions will also be placed on magazines and newspaper shelves.

Standard Operating Procedure for Computer Laboratories

Background and Purpose

As the number of COVID-19 infections reduces, governments have decided to either relax or lift the lockdowns or movement control orders, allowing for people to return to their jobs, while practicing good hygiene and social distancing.

The purpose of this document is therefore to document the standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure Computer laboratory users adherence to the SZABIST SOPs for working safely.


This SOP covers the working within three (3) Computer laboratories in SZABIST Larkana campus, namely Computer Laboratories 1 & 2 and the Research Laboratory.


Relevant laboratories refer to any one of the three (3) campus laboratories defined above that is being used by students.

Designated areas are approved areas of work within the laboratories that have been bordered by floor tape.

Laboratory operation hours refer to the standard operation hours for laboratories on campus, i.e.

Mondays to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Number of laboratory users refer to the total number of users in each laboratory at any point in time. The number of users at any point in time for any one of the laboratories is a maximum of 50% its normal occupancy.


Step 1

Prior to entering the laboratory, please ensure you sanitize your hands using the appropriate hand sanitizers provided at the Outside of each Lab throughout the campus. Please also ensure that your facemask is on and worn appropriately.

Step 2

Once you enter the lab, please stand in the designated area at the entrance of the laboratory and wait for the Lab Engineer to greet you. If there are people waiting ahead of you, please ensure to practice social distancing from each other at least of 6 Ft. The Lab Engineer will check to ensure that you have sanitized your hands and that you are wearing your mask. You will also be provided gloves for you to use.

The Lab Engineer will then instruct you to occupy a seat.

The Lab Engineer will then guide you to your designated working area. An indication of the designated areas for each laboratory is provided in Appendix 2 for your reference.

Step 3

Once you are in your designated work area, you may begin your work. If you require technical assistance or need access to equipment, please raise your hand the laboratory Engineer will entertain you with the maintenance of Social Distance.

Step 4

Once you have completed your Assignment now you are ready to scan or print, then let other possess his/her printed documents then you can take your printed material.

Step 5

Once you have completed your work, please clean up your work area. Once done, inform the Lab Engineer prior to you leaving the laboratory. The Lab Engineer will check your work area before allowing you to leave the laboratory.

Once you have left the laboratory, proceed to sanitize your hands and you may then leave the campus.

Important Notes for Laboratory Users

  • At the entrance and exit of the laboratories, there will be posters advising you on how to practice social distancing and good hygiene. Please do review the poster and practice the same. A sample of the poster is provided in Figure for your reference.
  • You are allowed to sit/stand in the designated areas. Areas with a “Red X” indicates space that you are not allowed to sit/stand.
  • In the event you require a break, please inform the Lab Engineer and you will be allowed to leave the laboratory. Prior to re-entering the laboratory, you are to repeat Steps 1 and 2.
  • If you are expecting items like book, USB, or any other IT tool from your friend or classmate from outside, please inform the Lab Engineer, who will communicate with the supplier on what is required prior to delivery of any items.
  • If there are laboratory users who are not complying with this SOP, this may result in Fine of 500, 1000 Rs Respectively or disciplinary action may be taken by Management.
  • At any point in time, while you are in the Computer laboratory and the following occurs, please inform the Lab Engineer immediately:
  1. If you feel ill
  • An accident has occurred
  • Your mask has been soiled or is dirty.
  • You have doubts about operating/using any equipment or using any materials.
  • If you need the Lab Engineer or Lab Assistant to assist you in your work, please maintain social distancing practices and keep the activity time involved as short as possible.

Teaching & Learning Guidelines

  1. All faculty members are requested to brief students about SOPs of COVID 19 in all classes and help management in shaping positive attitude of students.
  • Check time table and follow the class system for your respective subject i.e. Physical, Online or Hybrid.
  • You have to come to the class with mask and if possible, bring your hand sanitizer.
  • It is recommended to bring your own laptops
  • It is always preferable in online classes that you make presentation in advance, and conduct your class through presentation. You will conduct the classes as you did in previous semesters.
  • Every teacher (regular or visiting) will come at the campus, as per the time table to take his/her class. The class duration will be of 2 hrs. 30 min (150 minutes).
  • Please be punctual for your classes. Please ensure that no cancelation of your classes for any petty reasons. In case of emergency, you need to inform the Academic Services Department immediately, so that students can be informed immediately.
  • Any student without mask must not be allowed in the class. This is important to maintain the discipline and to follow the COVID-19 SOP.
  • If any student reports for COVID-19 related problem with him/her or in his/her family, please ask such student, not to attend any class at the campus until the health is recovered. Ask such students to attend the classes online.
  • Take the attendance of all students (In Class / Online).
  • You can follow the marks distribution policy as you follow in normal days. Naturally, you will have to rely, more on assignments than quizzes.
  • Midterms and Final exams for all subjects will follow same policy as normal and will held physically (for all subjects including online subjects). In case of any change, it will be communicated to you at a later stage according to the situation existing at that time.

Additional Instructions for Hybrid Classes & Online Classes:

  1. Orange and Green Color Entry Passes will be used to allow each subsection in the class alternatively where applicable.
  • You will use Google Meet software for taking your class.
  • You must record your class video and share the link after the class.
  • Your way of communication should be such that the students sitting in the class (with social distancing) and the student sitting online, all feel the same way.
  • You don’t have to move while taking your class. If you need to write something for explanation purposes, use the graphical representation through your power-point slides/Microsoft Whiteboard.
  • Once you are set to begin your class, ask the students sitting in the class to hold their entry passes and raise their hands. If somebody does not have entry pass or different color entry pass which is not allowed in that week, please ask the student to leave the classroom.
  • We have kept the flexibility that the students of the same class can exchange their entry passes.
  • If any student wants to attend class online and does not want to come to the campus due to any reason, please allow such student. Vice versa is not possible, i.e. if any student wants to attend all classes at the campus, is not permitted.
  • Faculty along with class monitoring team will be responsible to ensure that students of your class must leave the corridor and class room following COVID 19 SOPs.
  • Appoint CRs in each class and take their help however, faculty need to be present while students are leaving the class room.
  • In case of any query please feel free to contact PMs, HoD offices via email and phone