Facilities at SZABIST Larkana Campus

Computer Laboratories

SZABIST Larkana is completely Wi-Fi enabled campus. SZABIST has installed state-of-the-art computer facilities, unparalled in any other laboratory that presently includes the following systems

An Server Dell Inc. power edge R720 Intel® Xeon® CPU up to 2.4 GHz 1638 MB memory 1500 GB HD access Rack/2U per chassis. for Domain Controller running all students and staff accounts & file management through Active directory & File Manager for windows server 2008 An Server Dell Inc. power edge R720 Intel® Xeon® CPU up to 2.4 GHz 1638 MB memory 1000 GB HD access Rack/2U per chassis. For ZABDESK Server Windows Server 2008 Running KATS/OATS Server for conducting Comprehensive Exam / Admission Test with collaboration of SZABIST Karachi Campus. An Intel Xeon Acer 3.00Ghz based dual processor SE7320 with 1GB DDRAM, SCSI & RAID Controls with 500GB SCSI HDD for Windows Server 2003. Enterprise proxy cache Server. For internet (PERN 2) of HEC Pakistan Education Research Network 24 MB Connection. HP Compaq Pro 6300 MT Intel Server CORE i5-3470 CPU 3.20 GHz Processor 4GB RAM, 500GB HD for ZABCMS Server, Multiburner Drive, Intel Core i7 3.60GHZ Processor 8GB Ram & 1000GB HD, Core i5 3.2GHZ,4GB RAM &500GB HD and Core i3, 3GHz 2x2 Cache,2GB RAMS 250 GB HDD, DVD Burner workstations for students.

Intel Core i7, Core i5 & Core i3 processor 3Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3Ghz, 8GB,4GB&2GB DDRAM 1000GB,500GB&250B Pata Barracuda HDD Complete Academic and Examination Database Server, Intel Core 2 Due 2.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Server Based ROM, DVD-RW with An Intel Dual Processor Dedicated Email & Web Server, 3 GHz, 1024Mhz bus 2x2 Mb L2 Cache, 1 GB DDRAM, 80GB Ultra ATA 100 7200RPM HDD CD-Writer Loaded with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Server. RUKUS Wireless Access point for Wireless Internet Facility in the Campus). The Teaching, Research & Internet Laboratory is equipped with high end Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 workstations, Handy Video Camera, Audio Tape Recorder, OCR / Color Scanner, HP Color LaserJet CP3505n 21ppm, HP Laser Jet 3015 40ppm printer, HDMI Digital Multimedia Projectors and a variety of software & Hardware tools, The laboratories are connected with high speed (PERN2) of HEC Pakistan Education Research Network to provide Internet Access for Research purpose & Processing Heavy applications. The Teaching Research & Internet Laboratory is also equipped with Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3, 8 GB, 250GB HDD PCs with windows 7 & 8.1,10 Operating systems, MS Office 2007, 2010 ,2013&2016 Adobe Acrobat reader, Macromedia Flash, Oracle 10g utilities latest networking equipment like Cisco/D-Link/3Com cisco Switches(2950-SF-90,100) & Cisco Router (3845 & 2611), as well as 24MB Dedicated internet access from (PERN 2) of HEC is also in pipeline. Video Conference Equipment’s are installed for conducting online classes from other Campuses. All the Laboratory computer systems and server machines are connected with 3x10KVA UPS


SZABIST Library is equipped with ZABLIS & EBSCOHOST database and digital Library by HEC. SZABIST Larkana Library is the most modern library automated system, and contains a rich collection of books, research projects and thesis on most information technology & business topics. The library subscribes to number of magazine & journals to update student’s knowledge on the current development taking place nationally and internationally..

Hostel Facility

The SZABIST Larkana Campus has two separate hostel buildings for boys and girls. These buildings have independent rooms, dinning halls, kitchens, lounges and other facilities. All rooms are furnished with basic furniture.

In boys hostel 70 boys can be accommodated, while in girls hostel 50 girls can be accommodated at one time. Hostels are allotted to the students on yearly basis. The annual fee is Rs. 39,000 per student, including sports and basic utilities.

Hostel Prospectus and Processing Fees Rs.500 will be charged.

Medical Facility

The SZABIST Larkana Campus offers Medical care for a day Students and staff. In this regards, a visiting medical doctor is arranged at SZABIST Larkana Campus.