Events and Activities Of Spring 2019

Management Sciences

1)Mock Press Conference

A Mock Press Conference on "The Expansion of New Media Technologies and its Role in Empowering Youth" was organized on 10th April, 2019. Where students have discussed different aspects of Media and the platforms it has given to the youth of Pakistan. It was concluded that society is moving in the right direction and the youth today is more politically and socially aware than ever before. The expansion of new media has given a voice to the youth that will help to bring about a social change for sustainable socio-economic development. Later BBC Correspondent Ms. Shumaila Jaffery has delivered her talk on Media Scene in Pakistan in a webinar. She discussed the "Role of media in Pakistan and its implications for youth" in bringing about positive social change and development in society.

Moke press

2)Szabist Summer Fiesta

An event was organized with the name Szabist Summer Fiesta (Slogan: Beat the Heat) on 25th April, 2019. In this event, students of Marketing Management and Project Management class had hands on practice about the basic requirements of organizing the event and how marketing could help in making the event successful.

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3)Study Trip at Pepsi.Co

An study trip towards PepsiCo was arranged on 27th April, 2019. The students from Marketing Management and Project Management subjects were given an opportunity to visit the production facility of the PepsiCo at Sukkur city. Moreover, the students also found out that how Pepsi does its marketing and uses its sales tactics to promote its business in upper-south and lower-central regions.


4)Visit to State Bank of Pakistan (Sukkur)

Students were briefed the basic functions performed by state bank of Pakistan and its subsidiary companies, there were further briefed the role of SBP in economic development of the country.

5)Entrepreneurial festival 2019

intention to organizing this event was to provide our students an opportunity to exhibit their entrepreneurial abilities through founding their Innovative stalls. Second participants of this event consumer behavior students they also experienced differences among consumer behaviors. Also practices the retail management. It enabled them to deal with the activities performed by retailers' with diverse consumers as well as situations.

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6)Business Plan Competition 2019

Regional entrepreneurial growth can be accelerated by creating more favorable conditions for young and fresh graduates; those can start a new business and support businesses and society by utilizing their availability of appropriate talent and mentoring. Looking at the importance of entrepreneurship, an academic and practical execution of entrepreneurial skill the "Business Plan Competition" was organized. This event was organized by students of BBA VIII, MBA V. Supervised by Majid Hussain and Dr. Faiz. In these events, 08 groups from above said classes participated. They were evaluated by SZABIST faculty members. Three prizes for the winners and certificates were distributed among the participants. The event is prepared in the intention to show our acknowledgment to our students for their efforts and to provide feedback.

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7)Improving Writing Skills and Report Writing

Purpose of this activity was imparting the students with the techniques of good writing skills and formal report writings.

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8)Financial Inclusion and Development: The role of Islamic Banking

Speaker discussed the role of Islamic Banking in Pakistan, development of Islamic banking and the challenges faced by the industry. Also, light was shed on how Islamic Banking and help in inclusion of undocumented economy to documented economy.

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9)Enhancing your professional image

Webinar and Activities were conducted by the students of BBA-I and MBA-I. The day started with the interactive web session by Mr. Max Memon who highlighted the major tricks and tips regarding enhancement of professionalism, and he also discussed about resume development and other techniques to get competitive edge in the market. Purpose of this activity was to create sense of awareness among the students regarding business dinning etiquette, wearing the right outfit and footwear, and development of self-confidence.

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Computer Sciences

1)Gaming Event

Game theory is the science of strategy. It attempts to determine mathematically and logically the actions that players would take to secure the best outcomes for themselves in a wide array of games. This event will be focused on the design and development of interactive games. The event will cover basic concepts include game physics and math, game logic, graphics and animations of the different games. The event will also be covering to analyze the possible outcomes of situations ranging from Counter-Strike, Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat games.

2)Workshop on Adobe Photoshop

Computer Science Department at SZABIST Larkana Campus arranged Full day workshop on Internet of Things "IoT" for the students of Computer Science on 5th March 2019. Team consisting Five Members from Mindstorms Engineering Karachi conducted the Workshop. In the workshop, the concept of IoT was. Learners experienced the 'things' that make up the Internet of Things, including how those components are connected together, how they communicate and network, how they are programmed and how the data can be visualized with the help of Cloud

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3)Fundamental of Programming

The Programming Competition was organized to bring together skillful and talented students from Computer Science Department to compete with the spirit and fun. The competition was to test their programming skills and problem-solving ability.

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4)Webinar on Cyber Security and Top Trends in Technology

Speaker discussed the latest cyber threats to the financial and corporate data and conveyed the latest cyber-attacks and their prevention steps taken by the financial organization in order to retrain their customer's personal information. Moreover, he introduced the students with latest technology trends in a global market, which would help students to cope with the job market in future. Latest database and operating systems were introduced to students.

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