Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance (BS A&F)

SZABIST offers four-years (eight semester) Bachelor of Science (Accounting & finance) program, consisting of 46 Courses(six courses per semester) and a 6 credit hours Research Project. Students have to complete 144 credit hours along with 6 weeks of internship to obtain the BS Accounting & Finance (BS A&F) degree. The maximum time limit to complete the degree program 6 years. Those who complete BS(A&F) from SZABIST will get an exemption in ACCA papers from F1 to F9.

Course Plan for BS (A&F) Program at SZABIST

First Year (30 Credit Hours)
First Semester (4 Months)
Second Semester (4 Months)

BE 412 Management Decisions

BE 413 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making

BE 417 Accounting for Business

BE 415 Contemporary Marketing

BE 447 Managerial Communication

BE 421 Economics for Business

Third Semester (4 Months)

BE 414 Business Finance

BE 418 Business Research Methods

BE 416 Organizational Behavior

BE 434 Marketing Management

Second Year (30 Credit Hours)
Fourth Semester (4 Months)
Fifth Semester (4 Months)

BE 423 Human Resource Management

BE 422 Financial Management

BE 443 Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses

BE 444 Ethics and Corporate Governance

BE 478 Business Project

BE 4xx Elective - II (Marketing, HR, Finance)

BE 4xx Elective - I (Marketing, HR, Finance)

BE 4xx Elective – III (Marketing, HR, Finance)

Sixth Semester (4 Months)

BE 445 Managerial Accounting and Control

BE 451 Business Application of IT

BE 449 Operations and Supply Chain Management

BE 488 Research Project (3 Credits)

MBA Electives Courses

BE 424 International Banking and Finance

BE 435 International Business Management

BE 428 Supply Chain Management

BE 437 Corporate Strategy

BE 432 Services Marketing



NOTE:The University will reserve the right to change its programs and policies at any time without prior notice. All courses may not necessarily be offered. Alternate course may be substituted as and when needed