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Vol: 6 No: 1 January 2013 Editor: MB Soomro
Vol: 5 No: 2 October 2011 Editor: MB Soomro
Vol: 4 No: 1 January 2010 Editor: MB Soomro
Vol: 3 No: 1 September 2009 Editor: MB Soomro
Vol: 2 No: 1 August 2008 Editor: Naveed Anwer

SZABIST Student Council (SSC)

The SZABIST Student Council- Larkana Chapter has been formed to promote and safeguard the interests of the students relating to academics and extracurricular activities as effectively as possible. The Student Council- Larkana Chapter has been envisaged as a body that will aim to address the concerns of students in cooperation with the Faculty and Administration of SZABIST- Larkana Campus and SZABIST, Karachi. The Council will also act to promote and ensure accountability within the societies that function for the purpose of providing recreation and extra-curricular activities for the student body. The Council will act as a consultative body with the administration of the university in all administrative matters and policy decisions which pertain to the student body directly. Most importantly, the Council will aim to achieve the above objectives without getting involved in any political issues within or outside SZABIST- Larkana Campus.

Name Designations
Arun Kumar Punjabi President
Aziz Mugheri Vice President
Ehsan Ali Memoni General Secretary

Currently functional societies under SSC:
Name Abbreviations
SSS SZABIST sports society

International Collaboration

International Collaboration with PMI

International Collaboration with New Wales University


  • 1) Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • 2) International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • 3) Asia University Federation, (AUF)
  • 4) Association of SAARC Universities
  • 5) FUIW Rabat

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