Events and Activities Of 1st Day at NRC 2019

1)Inauguration of NRCoBM

On February 23, 2019, SZABIST Larkana organized "1st National Research Conference on Business and Management 2019".
Welcome Party

2) Keynote Speakers

BBA-II, BSCS-II & MBA-II organized a grand welcome program and party for BBA-I, BSCS-I & MBA-I on 27th Feb, 2018. Students presented tableaus, dramas, comedy, and dance songs. HoC, faculty and students attended the program with great zeal and zest.

Welcome Party

SZABIST Academic Webinars/Seminars

i) Cisco Packet Tracer Tool

Logical Network Diagrams visualize the computer and telecommunication networks logical structure. Activity was arranged on 28 Feb 2018 to help the students to understand the Conceptually Designing Techniques NLD through MS Visio Software and CISCO Packet Tracer.

Welcome Party

ii) Poster Evaluation

BSCS-V students on 6th March 2018 organized and various batches of students participated the Poster Evaluation activity at the campus. They learned about Dr. Norman's Model about every day design. Their work exhibited the importance of Good Design Interfaces of Certain Technologies.

Welcome Party

iii) Business Organizations, Ethics and Pakistan with reference to International Scenario

Business Organizations, Ethics and Pakistan: with reference to international scenario was conducted on 07- 03-2018. Mr. Vajed Kango, Senior MNC Executive, Businessman at United Kingdom (UK) & Ex Head of supply chain Management Sukkur beverages. A Pepsico bottling plant was speaker.

Welcome Party

iv) Effective Communication Skills

A skype session "Effective Communication Skills" on March 10, 2018. Ms Imran Tanvir from the Yorkville university of Canada addressed the session. The aim of the session was to provide an insight about effective communication to BBA students.

Welcome Party

v) Entrepreneurship - How to Start New Business

One day Workshop on Entrepreneurship - "How to Start New Business" CEO - Entrepreneur -- Mr. Friedrich Christian Bohmler Munich Germany (Trainer). The trainer involved participating students in various activities, group discussions, presentation and brain storming sessions for enhancing the entrepreneur skills. Date: Sunday, 11th March 2018 SZABIST Larkana Campus.

Welcome Party

vi) Project Management Methodology for Entrepreneurs

A guest speaker session on the topic Project Management for Entrepreneurs was organized on 16th March, 2018 for the students of BBA VII, BBA VIII, MBA 90, and MBA 36 Mr. Muhammad Ali Head of Strategy and Excellence Taj Corporation conducted the session.

Welcome Party

vii) The Technology Revolution and Restructuring of Global Economy

Webinar on the topic of "The Technology Revolution and Restructuring of Global Economy" was organized by Ms. Rehana Oshaque on 10-04-2018. Mr. Ziabuddin Shah, Head IT (SOLUTION & SALES) provided students some practical insight of technological revolution.

Welcome Party

viii) Webinar on Modern Trends in the Management of Big Data

Faculty member, Dr. Mohsin Shaikh arranged a Webinar on Modern Trends in the Management of Big Data on 16-April-2018. Dr. Nawab Muhammad Faseeh Qureshi, Ph.D (Assistant Professor), SKKU, Seoul, South Korea, highlighted important aspects of the above-mentioned dimensions and the applications of big data.

Welcome Party

ix) Seminar on the role of buisness in developing the strong society

Seminar on the role of Business in developing the strong society was addressed by Mr. Sarang Manzoor, Manager Retail Sales TCS Pvt limited on Friday 09-03-2018.

x)Information Security Analysis in Digital Financial Inclusion

A webinar on Information Security Analysis in Digital Financial Inclusion was arranged for BSCS students was held on 28th February, 2018. Mr. Nouman Hussain, Senior Information Security Auditor, First Micros Finance Bank HQ, Islamabad addressed the students. This activity was designed to empower students with the knowledge of latest technologies in to secure information in distributed networks.

Welcome Party

xi) Sindh Education Foundation

An awareness seminar was organized by SEF on 2nd May, 2018 for the students of BBA, BSCS & MBA. Mr. Jabbar Mari, Regional Head, Sindh Education Foundation conducted the session.

Welcome Party

xiii) Services Insights

A webinar session "Services Insights" for MBA students was organized on 18th April 2018. Ms. Mashal Amir Ali, Director Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Runway Pakistan Magazine conducted the session.

Welcome Party

xiv) Presentation skills and Stage fright

Webinar on "Presentation skills and stage fright" was organized for students of BBA I, BBA-IV and MBA I on 25th of April 2018 by Mrs. Bushra Rashid (Air commodore, Kamra), Head of PAF finishing school Kamra, Faculty Member of Comsats University, piloted the webinar. The session was based on how to present yourself successfully.

Welcome Party

xv) Whistle Blowing and Fraud Management

Webinar on the topic of Whistle Blowing and Fraud Management was organized for BBA III-B dated 30-April-2018. The distinguish speaker who addressed the session, was Mr. Irfan Qassim, Corporate Trainer at HBL Pakistan.

xvii) Experiments in Consumer Behavior for Students

Mr. Abdul Salam, Lecturer MUET, (PhD in-progress) conducted a webinar on Experiments in Consumer Behavior for Students of Consumer Behavior BBA IV. It was organized on 5th May,2018.

SZABIST Workshops/Sessions

i) USA Fullbright Scholarship

USA Fulbright Scholarship:-An online seminar was organized on 14th March, 2018 by SZABIST Management. The speaker from USA Fulbright Scholarship program announced details of the program to students; and provided information about opportunities of higher education in USA universities.

Welcome Party


The Coding Art activity was held on 10th of April 2018 at SZABIST Larkana Campus. It was organized for students of BSCS to assess their Programming Skills that they have acquired during their studies. The overall purpose of the event was to provide the platform for Students to learn about programming structure and solution of problems.

Welcome Party

iii) Achieve more with Less

One-day workshop on "Achieve more with Less" was organized on April 15th 2018, This workshop was about how to achieve more with less - boosting business productivity. The trainer Zahid Ahmed Qazi was Admin/HR Manager Engro Foods Sukkur. The Workshop covered a wide range of practices that will have help students in carry out their tasks effectively.

Welcome Party

iv) Training Need Assessment and Employee Readiness Workshop

Training Need Assessment and Employee Readiness Workshop was conducted on Saturday 14, April, 2017 by Mr. Allah Bux Soomro,Trainer & Coach at Ascend Learning, A. Sales Manager at Jazz (Mobilink) Nawabshah, NLP Certified Life Coaching Practitioner from Society of NLP-USA. The workshop was planned for Classes of BBA 7, BBA 8, MBA 4, MBA 5

v) SMEDA Workshop

SMEDA Workshop:A workshop on "Enterprenuership" was organised on 2nd May, 2018 for MBA 90 E, BBA VIII and MBA 36 (I, II & III). The trainer Mr. Imran, Head of Incubation Center, IBA Karachi conducted the session.

Welcome Party

vi) Impact of Franchising in modernization of retail management

A guest speaker session was organized on 17th April 2018 "Impact of Franchizing in modernization of retail management” was conducted by Mr. Toufiq Rehman Shaikh Currently working as Area Sales Manager for Mobilink (Vimpel Com Company), for the students of BBA IV.

Welcome Party

xvi) KMBL Khushhali Bank Larkana Recruitment system

Mr. Agha Khan Buriro & Team of KMBL, Branch Manager was invited for Guest speaker session on Monday, April 16, 2018. The session was about KMBL Khushhali Bank Larkana Recruitment system.

Welcome Party


i) Entry Test for BBA, MBA, and BSCS

The team of SSC participated into supporting different management duties during the Entry Test on 13th Jan 2018.  

Welcome Party

ii) Fusion Night

A live concert with full of fun was organized on 23rd April, 2018 by the students of SZABIST (informal society with the name: Janta Garage) where a Singing Band and DJ from Karachi came to perform live.

Welcome Party

iii) Fun Mania

This exhibition was organized by the students of BBA-IV on 26th April, 2018.The exhibition was to be for full day, where students from various classes and faculty members visited different stalls set-up by the BBA-IV class. The purpose of the activity was to make students learn about Retail Merchandising practice.

Welcome Party

iv) Engro Foods

A trip was organized on 28th April, 2018 for the students of BBA 8 and MBA 90 where the students visited Engro Foods plant in Rohri.

Welcome Party

v) Fauji Fertilizers

Another trip was organized on 28th April, 2018 for the students of BBA 7 and MBA 90-6 and 36-2. The students visited Fauji Fertilizers and Food processing facility in Mirpur Mathelo.

vi) Economic Development Campaign (2010-2017)

BBA III (A&B) students along with other batches namely BBA II, III, IV, V, MBA I, II, III, IV, V, arranged a Corridor Activity on 28-04-2018. The purpose of the activity was to provide Students a know how Pakistan's Economy.

Welcome Party

vii)Economic & Finance Olympiad

which started on 2nd May, 2018 and last for two days. This activity enhanced the general knowledge of students of economics and finance. This has helped them to increase their information that will help them to survive in competitive market environment.

viii) State Bank Sukkur

A study trip to State Bank of Pakistan, SBP Sukkur was organized on May 4, 2018 for students of BBA and MBA.

ix) Mock Interview

Mock interview was organized for students of Salary and Compensation and Managerial Communication on 7 May 2018. The participating classes were BBA VII, VIII, and MBA III. The HOD of Management Sciences Mr. Naveed Anwar along with the in charge HR and Admin, and three senior faculty members from the MS department conducted the interviews.

SZABIST Student Council Activities

ZAB Sports Gala

 Zab Sports Gala organized by SZABIST Sports Society on 20 - 23 Feb 2018.

Welcome Party

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